Tomatoes wedges semi dry cut in half with oil  

Code:                       1075                               
Size:                         1/1                                   
Net weight:             800 g              
Portions:                 16-18
Pz./Collo:                 12                            
TMC:                         36 months

Main ingredients
Partially sun-dried cherry tomatoes, sunflower oil, sugar,  salt, garlic, basil and spices.

Organoleptic characteristics
Color: red, intense with no dark and/or necrotic parts.
Taste and Smell: fresh tomato with basil and spices smell.
Appearance of food: the tomatoes are cut in half and present a tender skin. Deliciously soft, they have no hard or badly cut pieces.

Conservation  instructions
Save the jars in a cool , dry place away from heat sources ; once opened, keep it refrigerated ( 0-4 ° C ) and eat rapidly . The addition of oil can only protect from air oxidation and from mold but it doesn’t represent a guarantee for the preservation of the product.

Nature and characteristics of the product
The fresh tomato cut into wedges is partially dried in the hot summer sun, to become "semi-dry". Then enriched with olive oil, garlic, pepper and fresh basil and spices.

Why buy this product
Tomato wedges semi dry is a "Ortoghiotti" open and taste product with unique features and inimitable quality of processing methods. Their value consisted in delicate taste but at the same time full and rich in Mediterranean flavors and then easily matched with different preparations. Versatile product, not acetate, also suitable for hot dishes. The tin  can of one kilogram, with ring-pull,  is ideal to handle any emergency.

The product is widely used by all those who want to treat the appearance and authenticity of own dishes. So is the perfect product for restaurants, pizzerias, hotels, restaurants, sandwich shops, bars, shelters, etc 

How use the product
It is a very flexible product in the kitchen : ideal for starter, side dishes and buffet ; delicious as a snack accompanied with wine and appetizers . Excellent to be enjoyed with cold cuts , with pasta , pizza , focaccia or buffalo mozzarella.

Ideas and suggestions of the chef
Noodles with tomatoes cherry wedges semi dry- Fry two cloves of garlic in a dash of good olive oil, add 5 lines of escape shelled for each portion, wet with brandy and flambé quickly. Continue cooking with crustaceans broth and almost cooked, add six semi dry cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces. Drain the noodles and pour the sauce, sprinkled with chopped fresh chives


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