delizie dell'Orto

Our company was established in 1996 and is called “Delizie dell’Orto S.r.l.”. Over the years we have built up a great deal of commercial and administrative experience in processing and marketing fruit and vegetable products. The company also markets vegetables preserved in tin cans and jars in olive oil/sunflower oil/ natural liquid under its own brand name and with PRIVATE LABELS (with third party trade mark labels). It is also capable of making and/or packaging products with tastes, spices and recipes tailored to specific customers’ needs. 

 The  firm is situated in Orta Nova (Foggia) – Italy - , a city located in one of the most important agricultural Italian areas for the processing of groceries and vegetables.

The objective, which our company has been achieving for years now, is that of the so-called “from the crop to the consumer”. It is notorious that immediately after being picked, fruit and vegetables undergo an alteration process.
Therefore, the shorter the time between harvesting and processing the better the product obtained will preserve its characteristic substances.

delizie1Our products range from hors-d’oeuvre to sauces and soups, ect. and they are packaged in various ways and in different sizes tin cans and in glass jars.


All our packages undergo continuous controls from the raw material purchase phase up to the 

delizie dell'orto

sterilisation phase, in order to have a continuous product by product control, as laid down by HACCP procedures. This leads to better results in terms of taste, aroma and nutritional value so that the product reaches the table of the consumer with the traditional and typical fragrance of the local region.

The high quality standard of our products assures an absolute coincidence with the taste and the demands of all our customers



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