Big fillets of sweet pepper

Code: 1030
Format: 1/1 Tin Plate
Net Weight:
800 g
Pieces per Package: 24
Portions: 08-10 
MPT: 36 months

Main Ingredients
Fresh red and yellow peppers , sunflower oil , vinegar , sugar, salt , marsala liqueur wine , garlic , spices.

Organoleptic Characteristics
Colour: red and yellow, typical of fresh pepper.
Taste and Smell: fresh, fragrant taste of the peppers is accompanied by an unusual sweet taste.
Appearance of food: the peppers are presented with regular strips about 3cm, height, crisp and meaty

Conservation  instructions
Save  the jars in a cool, dry place away from heat sources; once opened, keep it refrigerated ( 0-4 ° C ) and eat rapidly. The addition of oil can only protect from air oxidation and from mold but it doesn’t  represent a guarantee for the preservation of the product.

Nature and Characteristics of the Product
Fresh peppers “Carmagnola” quality are cut in strips, make  with an old and secret recipe to get a sweet and crunchy pepper, but maintains the particular characteristics of the product . You can use it like you need. It is also interesting the color effect, that is able to enhance any preparation.

Why Buy this Product? 
This product is made on August in the right moment of the season when we have  only fresh raw materials, so the pepper keeps its best flavor. This is one of the products "open and relishes" the most popular and certainly, in the range of peppers, the most sold. The pack of 1 kg, with ring-pull can satisfy every need.

This product is ideal for: pizzerias, delis and restaurants, pubs, sandwich shops, bars.

How to Use
This product can be used in classic dishes such as octopus salad or sea salad or where it is needed to give color and flavor to meat dishes. Valuable of pizzas, sandwiches, cold cuts, boiled and roasted meats.

Chef’s Ideas and Suggestions
Peppers coachman - move into the mixer 160 gr. Of tuna, a tablespoon pickled capers, 3 anchovy fillets, bread soaked in balsamic vinegar and wrung out, add 6 tablespoons of olive oil. If necessary add more oil until the mixture is homogeneous.  Put  the mixture on the peppers into strips and garnish with parsley and caper leaves. Serve cold.


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