Countryside artichoke in oil 

Code:                       1014                                
Size:                         1/1                                   
Net weight:            
800 g
Portions:                 10-12
Pz./Collo:                 12                            
TMC:                         36 months

Main ingredients
Fresh artichokes , sunflower oil , white wine vinegar , salt, garlic , pepper, herbs.

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour: green, with bronze shades.
Taste and Smell: it is a fresh product  so the fragrance and flavor are decisive and intense; slightly acetate.
Appearance of food: artichokes calibrated , defoliants and handmade trimmed from raw, crisp with closed and compact leaves.

Conservation  instructions
Save  the jars in a cool , dry place away from heat sources ; once opened, keep it refrigerated ( 0-4 ° C ) and eat rapidly . The addition of oil can only protect from air oxidation and from mold but it doesn’t  represent a guarantee for the preservation of the product.

Nature and characteristics of the product
Our artichokes came from Brindisi (Southern Italy) and are carefully selected , calibrated and processed exclusively from the best moment of freshness of this product between March and April . The cut and the removal of the outer leaves , is done at just picked by hand , air oxidized and then marinated for 24 hours in oil, vinegar , chili and spices in the best tradition housewife because we scrupulously follow the typical recipe in use in central Italy . Each tin contains an average 14/16 artichoke with leaves closed and compact .

Why buy this product
The artichoke craftsmanship  is a genuine and traditional recipe aim to maintain its taste and freshness proposing  a rich variation of flavors and spices with a pleasant hint of vinegar that makes it particularly appetizing. The goodness of our artichokes is also underlined by the fact that they are used immediately and without particular further processing , so they are available for the whole year in the desired amounts and especially in certain costs.

Restaurants, inns , taverns , wine bars , delis , shelters and houses are  the major customers to direct and to propose this product . Great for snacks in the modern wine bar.

How use the product
Designed for the preparation of rich appetizers , salads and buffet. It is excellent to accompany meat and fish or simply to fill sandwiches and “bruschetta” . This artichoke is ideal to be  sale in a deli counter.

Ideas and suggestions of the chef
Artichokes and anchovies - Slice the artichoke ; take a baking dish and sprinkle the bottom with garlic and parsley, salt and pepper, then make a first layer with anchovies, then follow with artichoke slices and continue of each layer and continue until all the ingredients are finished, sprinkling with extra virgin olive oil.


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