carciofi trifolati a spicchi

Code: 1012                
Size:  3/1         Tin               
Net weight: 2500 g 
Drained weight: 1400g
Portions: 20 - 22              
Pz./Collo: 6                        
TMC:  36 months

Main Ingredients
Fresh artichokes of 30/40 caliber, water, salt.

Organoleptic Characteristics
Colour: light green, typical of a product that is processed fresh.
Taste and smell: typical of artichokes cooked in water adding salt.
Appearance of food:artichoke wedges (quarters), well-balanced, soft thanks to the absence of parts and leaves tough and red units into the heart.

Conservation  instructions
Save the jars in a cool , dry place away from heat sources ; once opened, keep it refrigerated ( 0-4 ° C ) and eat rapidly . The addition of oil can only protect from air oxidation and from mold but it doesn’t represent a guarantee for the preservation of the product.

Nature and Characteristics of the Product
These "Brindisi” artichokes are well gauged, and processed exclusively when they are fresh, in the best moment of harvesting, between March and April. The removal of hard and woody external leaves, the care in the selection of the best units give to the product a definitely high quality and organoleptic level.

Why Buy this Product? 
This product is ready to use for any event or sudden necessity. It is ideal to enrich vegetable buffets, pizzas or vegetarian dishes, with a constant quality guarantee and small prices. It is a valuable proposal for pubs, bars and premises that cannot grill and use microwave oven for hot side dishes and sandwiches.

Pizzerias, restaurants, bars, taverns, canteens are just some of the site where this product can be proposed.

How to Use
Drain the productl and then can use fresh.

Chef’s Ideas and Suggestions
Fried artichokes - Drain the artichokes into wedges and let them dry on a towel . Whisk some eggs with a pinch of salt . Move the slices of artichoke in the flour and then in beaten egg and finally in breadcrumbs . Fry in hot oil and serve warm as an appetizer or side dish


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