carciofi alle erbette

Code: 01-226
Format: 3/1 Tin Plate
Net Weight: 2500 g
Pieces per Package: 6
Portions: 20-22
MPT: 36 months

Main Ingredients
Fresh artichokes of 50/60 caliber, sunflower oil, garlic, aromas.

Organoleptic Characteristics
Colour: light green, typical of a product that is processed fresh.
Taste and Smell: rich, tasty and fragrant thanks to the delicate sauteed.
Appearance of the food: fresh artichokes with stem, without routes and flakes unity.

Conservation  instructions
Save the jars in a cool , dry place away from heat sources ; once opened, keep it refrigerated ( 0-4 ° C ) and eat rapidly . The addition of oil can only protect from air oxidation and from mold but it doesn’t represent a guarantee for the preservation of the product.

Nature and Characteristics of the Product
There are Puglia artichokes, “mammola mille foglie” variety are well gauged, and processed exclusively when they are fresh, in the best moment of harvesting, between March and April. 
The shank of the cleaning is done by hand with a knife , so as to give the product a homemade appearance . They are cooked with spices, fine herbs and with the addition of a drop of vinegar to make them even more delicious.

Why Buy this Product? 
This product is versatile and can be used as fresh, but available all year long , is used for appetizers and side dishes The traditional recipe of Lazio characterizes this artichoke with fresh herbs and vinegar. Ideal in buffets and handle emergencies with acceptable costs. Each tin contains an average of 17/18 good sized artichokes.

Pizzerias, restaurants, bars, taverns, canteens are just some of the site where this product can be proposed.

How to Use
Excellent as such as meat dish, ideal accompanied with cold cuts or a meat carpaccio and parmesan. It is good to see in the buffet or in food stalls.

Chef’s Ideas and Suggestions
Sweet tooth artichokes - Drain the artichokes from the oil and brown them in butter and then put them in a buttered casserole dish and sprinkle with chopped parsley , the parmesan cheese and a tablespoon of sour cream . Pass them in a preheated oven ( 150 ° C ) for about 5 minutes.


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