Mix for rice and pasta with oil

Code:    1020/1  - 1021/2                                 
Size:   1/1   - 3/1  Tin 
Net weight:   800 g   - 2500 g   
Portions:  10 - 12  - 24 - 26
Pz./Collo: 12 - 6                               
TMC: 36 months

Main Ingredients
Celeriac, red and yellow peppers, sliced Champignon (Agaricus bisporus), green and black olives, peas, onions, carrots, cucumbers, corn, capers, salt.

Organoleptic Characteristics
Colour: bright and characteristic for each type of vegetable present in the packaging.
Taste and smell: are typical and well-assorted of the vegetables present in the packaging, without other smells or flavors.
Appearance of food:crunchy vegetables cut in a uniform size vegetables.

Conservation  instructions
Save the jars in a cool , dry place away from heat sources ; once opened, keep it refrigerated (0-4 ° C) and eat rapidly. The addition of oil can only protect from air oxidation and from mold but it doesn’t represent a guarantee for the preservation of the product.

Nature and Characteristics of the Product
Fresh aubergines and selected by the size to allow a regular cut and a uniform grilling along all the surfaces of the slices. The grilling is carried out in a very short time, using the latest generation technologies, to prevent damage to the fibers and maintain the integrity of the product.

Why Buy this Product? 
It is an excellent seasoning, ready to prepare fresh rice and pasta salads with oil. This product is interesting because it is easy to use and avoids the chef the long and tedious job of cutting vegetables. Fantasy for rice and pasta " Ortoghiotti " is preserved in sunflower oil so each vegetable retains the original flavor and fragrance and this gives you the opportunity to dress the salad to own taste. The vegetable mix, has bright colors and provides an extremely attractive visual effect as well as a fresh taste and appetizing.

This product is certainly interesting for alpine refuges, restaurants, inns, taverns and hotels.

How to Use
This product is designed for the preparation of rice salads and cold pasta. You can enriched it with cubes of cheese , ham , sausages , boiled eggs and tuna , fresh tomatoes and other ingredients . For example, just add small pieces of browned sausage with onion and braise it all to get an excellent side dish.

Chef’s Ideas and Suggestions
Tomatoes / Conchiglioni Fantasy - Add to the mix of vegetables small pieces of tuna , sausages , Swiss cheese and ham cubes. Fill with this mixture round tomatoes cut in half already emptied or conchiglioni pasta cooked , drained al dente and cooled . Glaze with bechamel and brown in the oven with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese


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